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Boycotting Facebook


We must accept social media is media. And it’s gone off the rails.

I am a big fan of voting with my wallet. Unfortunately, we don’t pay directly for Facebook. We pay for Facebook by using it—its advertisers depend on us checking it many times daily. The more we check it, the more money Facebook makes. As such, I am withdrawing from regularly using Facebook, and encourage others to consider doing the same.

Why I am (mostly) leaving

There are many such reasons to consider this action, such as:

Yet I am still here

All that said, I am not yet inclined to fully remove my account but I am on the fence. For all its faults, Facebook would be fine if curtailed to its original intended use cases.

So what am I actually doing?

Is Messenger evil?

I’m not sure. It’s useful as a cross-platform tool for group chat, and there’s nothing inherently bad about its implementation, aside from forcing read receipts. We should all be mindful, however, that people are entitled to take as much time to respond as they like (or not at all) even if they’ve read your message. Sending a message does not obligate someone to respond.

What about Twitter?

I still like Twitter, as it has an inherent lack of privacy, and the unfiltered feed (which paid apps use) is not biased by likes, advertising, etc. The reverb chamber applies somewhat to retweets, but this effect is fairly minimal. However, we should be mindful that whom you follow can severely limit your exposure to different viewpoints.